With the construction industry in Scotland continuing its recovery, the Construction Industry Coronavirus Forum (CICV) has issued new health and safety guidance in order to help workers through their phased return to work.

The CICV Forum has launched seven new pieces of open source collateral, which offer in-depth industry advice on topics including face coverings, hand washing, domestic working and what to do if there is a case of COVID-19 on-site.

Along with this, the Forum has also updated its comprehensive 42-page document, COVID-19 Construction Operating Guidance, which underpins the Safe Operating Guidance which was produced by Construction Scotland, the Scottish Government, and the wider construction industry.

Rebecca Crosland, Health and Safety Adviser at the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA), a leading member of the Forum, said: “This new collateral is another important step in protecting both our workforce and the Scottish public as we all work together to minimise the spread of infection.

“The Forum’s Health and Safety sub-group has worked collaboratively to produce clear and practical guidance that is easy to follow and which can be used immediately by businesses of all sizes to help in their ongoing return.”

The seven new guidance documents are available to download from the CICV Forum website, and cover:

  • Advice for businesses carrying out non-essential domestic work
  • Health and safety checklist before work is carried out
  • Effective use of face coverings
  • Good hygiene and hand washing
  • A questionnaire for clients before site visits
  • What to do if someone displays COVID-19 symptoms
  • Template letter for confirmed COVID-19 cases

In addition, the COVID-19 Construction Operating Guidance has also been updated to reflect the latest developments on face coverings, physical distancing, travel and prevention of cross-contamination with all new content clearly signposted.

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